Flexibility - that's what we strive to offer at Willowglen.

Over the years many of our tenants have started small and grown their businesses at Willowglen. As they've grown, we have worked hard to accommodate their needs. As a result, many of the businesses at Willowglen have been part of our tenant family for many, many years. We strive to offer the same flexibility for new tenants and we pledge to do our best to accommodate your needs as they change over time.

Willowglen offers floor areas of as small as 500 up to over 12,000 square feet on a single floor.   This wide range, along with our willingness to subdivide available space allows us to accommodate an almost infinite array of office space requirements.



































Willowglen Business Park

Our current availabilities are as follows:

Click on suite number to view the floor plan of space.

4 Manning Close N.E.
Suite 201 5,380 sq. ft. LEASED
8 Manning Close N.E.
Suite 100 1,697 sq. ft. Open area with west facing windows on main level
Suite 102 3,599 sq. ft. Large open area with west facing windows and private entrance.
Suite 102 5,296 sq. ft. This is a combined space of suite 100 and 102 for a total of 5,296 s.f.  Located on the main floor with open concept with an exterior door. 
Suite 301 2,210 sq. ft. Open area, natural lighting and several offices with a view.
12 Manning Close N.E.
Suite 205 2,330 sq. ft. Several windowed offices, small kitchen, server room and file area
Suite 300 6,693 sq. ft. Excellent Improvements throughout.  Large open area for work stations, with kitchen and natural lighting. 
Suite 301 1,449 sq. ft. open area with two private offices and small kitchen area.
801 Manning Road N.E.
Suite 101 1,675 sq. ft. Open area with one office
Suite 102 1,969 sq. ft. LEASED
Suite 200 12,208 sq. ft. Entire floor with several offices, open area, kitchen, storage, large meeting room.
Suite 301 12,039 sq. ft. LEASED
805 Manning Road N.E.
Suite 200 1,479 sq. ft. large open area with natural lighting and three private offices.
807 Manning Road N.E.
Suite 101 6,873 sq. ft. LEASED
809 Manning Road N.E.
Suite 106 1,219 sq. ft. Ground level with 4 offices and open reception area, available April 1, 2020                               
Suite 203 879 sq. ft. reception area with three offices open area and kitchen.
Suite 302 2,702 sq. ft. 2 large corner offices, 7 smaller office, open reception area, kitchen, file room and storage.                               
Suite 301 1,015 sq. ft. Three offices with storage room and reception area.  Available July 1, 2020
811 Manning Road N.E.
Suite 106 2,341 sq. ft. Main floor with large open area and several offices.  Reception area with a small kitchen.
Suite 200 1,657 sq. ft. 5 offices and meeting room with open work area, reception area and a small kitchen. 
Suite 201 1,135 sq. ft. LEASED
Suite 203 980 sq. ft. LEASED
Suite 208 1,248 sq. ft. LEASED
Suite 209 480 sq. ft. LEASED
Note: We are always willing to consider subdividing available space.
For Leasing inquires please contact::
Stuart Watson                                                                                              John Fisher
(403) 750-0540                                                                                          (403) 750-0505
stuart.watson@cbre.com                                              john.fisher@cbre.com