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This community of low-rise office buildings has been designed to make your office workspace work to your advantage. Eleven red-brick and cedar sided buildings of one, two and three storeys, are combined in a campus-like arrangement, interspersed with gardens, grass and private parking. You have a wide choice of locations and floor area ranging from 500 square feet to 35, 000 square feet in a three-storey building. Moreover, almost half of all accommodation looks across the Nose Creek valley to the Rockies.

Roadways within Willowglen Business Park provide direct access to each building, the interior parking lots and the west overflow parking areas. Roads and parking lots are paved and curbed. Landscaping includes green areas, shrubs and mature trees.

Willowglen offers an alternative that is both pleasant and productive. With efficient space options, on site maintenance personnel, and cost effective occupancy rates, it’s a natural choice for companies seeking expanded premises without sky-high costs, and the ideal location for those who believe their surroundings reflect their character.

Willowglen Sketch